3 Obituaries

  1. Christine Nelson & Steve Nelson

    With great sorrow I am very sorry to hear of your wife’s and your mother and grandmother’s passing.
    I knew her for many many years with our grandkids playing in the park.16 years.
    Everyday Cherry would walk around the neighborhood and always a cheerful Hello and a nice talk.
    She was very kind and a sweet lady. The neighborhood will never be the same without her.
    We will always remember her as a nice, kind, thoughtful lady and friend.
    May she rest in peace. <3

    • : CALGARY
    1. Parm Gill

      Thank you Mrs and Mr Nelson for your kind words for Ms Chary Gill who left us behind crying. Indeed she was a gregarious and loving lady. Thank you for condolences which are much appreciated. Regards, Parm Gill

      • : Calgary
  2. mininder tara

    Please accept our sincere condolences for your loss. Hope she rest in peace.
    Pamela I am so sorry for your mom. I cannot possibly understand your pain but can only imagine. Hope you and your family get a strength to cope up with the void your mom has created.
    Take care

    • : Toronto

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