Jaskamal Singh Lail passed at the Foothills Medical Centre on Friday, August 31, 2018 at the age of 25 years. He will be lovingly remembered by his family and numerous relatives and friends. Funeral Services will be held at the COUNTRY HILLS CREMATORIUM, 11995 – 16 Street NE on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 1:00 pm.

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  1. Gurk sangha

    R.I.P bro. You motivated alot of people in the gym

    • Jagster Sidhu

      Jazz! My ride or die for life! I miss you brother. Your memories are never going to be escaping my head. I swear 2 god brother, I love you lots man. Closing my eyes day in day out I hear you speak and I cry. You shouldn’t have left so soon brother. We had big plans to make things happen. Me and you were honestly the ones who shined out in the most hardest times. I look back at your pictures and still think of all the crazy times we had. Why can’t we bring these memories back in a better way. I love you my ride or die. Remember our little lingo…. “J and J connection for life (Jag and Jazz connection) Man your honestly never going to be forgotten for all your crazy memories. Please hear me out and look out for all the ones who love you and miss you dearly. – Jagster S Sidhu <3 Much love brother

      • A. Dulay

        R.I.P. brother. We never met but the story of your passing touched me deeply. My thoughts are with your family and loved ones.

        • Jay

          miss you my brother.. you treated my like I’m your little brother. You were one of the closest if not the closest person to my heart. There is nobody in this world that can take your place and I know even if you’re not physically here anymore but you’re still in my mind and around me everyday. Whenever I have questions or need you I just close my eyes and you come right away. Everything feels so wrong and empty without you brother. I promise to take care of the family and look after everyone. Me and Jag will make sure the legacy lives forever and will change the world just like you wanted. You always me and jag to meet and now we both got a connection stronger than anything.. already. Your voice still runs in my head and that laugh of yours just keeps coming up in my head. I love you my big brother always in my heart ??

          • S.kaur

            your 20s are suppose to be the years of finding yourself… it’s so heartbreaking that instead you were going through so much pain at such a young age. I’m so sorry that the world couldn’t help to ease your pain, the world truly has a long way to go when it comes to compassion and empathy. I remember Meeting you through your sister who I pray finds strength.. jasmin I’m so sorry for your loss. because my mom knew your’s she’d tell me of how jasmin would protect you , she was truly your guardian angel and I hope you are now looking over her and in turn protect her, God knows she needs it.

            • S.kaur

              when my mom used to tell me how your mom would worry about you , my mom couldn’t help but share her feelings. Our parents leave their whole lives behind to give us a fighting chance in a foreign land hoping we get everything in life that they never did. But the most important thing they can ever give us isn’t new clothes , a car, college tuition or anything materialistic for that matter… it’s love. And you were so loved jaz, I pray that love shields you and remains with you on your next journey. I pray it heals all the parts that were broken and you finally find peace. You were just a shy, fragile, mistunderstood soul but none of that will matter up there, you can let go of the heaviness that once anchored you and you’ll be as free as you are dearly missed. Rest in paradise my friend.

              • Jai Singh

                RIP brother. Prayers for you and your family. Mental Health Issues are a cruel thing to deal with. South Asian community needs to deal with it openly without any stigma. It’s not a sign of weakness it’s just the cards that we are dealt with.

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