Renate (Rene) Marianne Alexander

Renate (Rene) Marianne Alexander passed away peacefully in her home during the early morning of May 26, 2020 with her beloved Casper by her side.  Renate is survived by three daughters, Donna (Rolland Busque), Alexandra (Socket), and Nichol (Pilar Gimenez Melo).  She filled the role of mother and father, teaching strength and resilience to her daughters.  Always humble, willing and eager to help others improve.  She left us all too soon.

2 Obituaries

  1. Alex & Socket Migallo

    Mom was our best friend, our mother, father our world. She had many fur grandbabies. Mom lived life to the fullest, she was unselfish and did not need money to enjoy life, just enough to provide for her little family. Mom is missed every hour of every day. We were fortunate to have had her home for her final hours, it brought her comfort and joy to pass away with her little dog Casper by her side to her last breath. We all love and miss you mom. We will join you in our afterlife, but hear your voice in our heads and our hearts. Not a day passes when we wish you were still here to enjoy the finer things in life.

    • Love forever, Alex & Socket

      It would have been mom’s 75th birthday today. So grateful to have shared mom’s 74th birthday surprise last year with 75 colorful roses that made her cry Thinking of mom on what would have been her 75th birthday today, December 10th, 2020.

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