Surendrakant M. PATEL

PATEL, Surendrakant

September 04, 1936 – May 26, 2020

Suren passed away peacefully in his sleep with end-stage cirrhosis of the liver. He was born in Palaj, India. He is survived by his loving wife Manjula Patel, daughters Minal Patel and Asha Makwana, grandsons Tyler and Ishaan Makwana, son-in-laws Shashank Makwana and Glen Wilson, and siblings Suresh Patel, Satish Patel, Bharat Patel, Praful Patel, Chandrika Patel, Kusum Patel, Indu Patel, Usha Patel, and Vidya Iyer. Suren was the first of the MOGO Patel Clan (Motibhai Govindbhai Patel) to arrive in Canada in November of 1969. The family has prospered, grown and flourished out of his initial forays into family run businesses. He approached life with zest and an actively curious mind. He loved to travel with friends and family and did so often. His first love was photography.  The depicted photo is a self-portrait he took and colored himself as a young man in the 1950’s.  He will be best remembered for all those spur-of-the-moment fishing and camping trips, his love of boardgames, a willingness to lend a helping hand and that big welcoming smile. Suren, you’ve lived life to the fullest; well done!  You’re probably itching to get on with your next adventure into the great beyond. You will be missed but never forgotten. Until we meet again, safe travels!

Due to health regulations, the Patel family will not be holding in-person funeral services. In lieu of funeral services, please feel free to pay your respects online at this site.  In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to either of the charities below:

The Women’s Centre of Calgary

Canadian Liver Foundation

33 Obituaries

  1. Rachel Sutherland

    I’m reminded of a few days I was snowed in at the Patel household many years ago. Suren was cooking, and talking, hospitable and kind. I was in my early twenties, and he gave me some beautiful life advice, and he valued his daughters so dearly. I’m truly sorry for the Patel family’s loss. Onward with your journey Suren. Much love.

    • Manu & Usha Makwana and family

      Ever joyful and helping nature of l Surendrabhai will be missed by all who have known him and his family. Its been privilege to be part of his family. We had so many cruises, road trips together, which He arranged. May he rest in peace OM!SHANTI!SHANTI!SHANTI! OM

      • Leita Blasetti

        My dearest sympathies to the Patel family. Suren was always ready to lend a hand and had a thirst for knowledge. I know you will miss him dearly. My thoughts are with you.

        • Dr. Rakesh Patel

          Please accept my deepest condolences and prayers to you all. It was my honour to be able to provide him care. Jai Jalaram.

          • Vilas Patel

            My deepest condolences and prayers to all my family members and Manjubhabhi and family. Surendrabhai always visited me whenever he was in Vancouver with Bhabhi will always cherish that moment. Rest In Peace Brother Dear.

            • Kandarp & Gita

              Jai Jalaram – Dearest Manjumasi, Asha, Minal and Family – Condolences to you all. We pray Surendramasa’s soul is at peace as he continues his next journey.
              With prayers – Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

              • Nimesh & Jyoti

                Manjumasi, our deepest condolences to you and the family. May god rest his soul in peace. Our thoughts and preyers are with you.

                • Jim and Norma Wilson

                  Our condolences to Manjula and all the family

                  • Hema Patel

                    God bless his soul ?

                    • Smita Patel

                      Dear Manjulamasi and family, Our condolences to you on Surendra uncle’s passing. Our thoughts are with you at this time, Smita,Ashok and family

                      • Praful, Rasika, Deepti, Shilpa and families

                        Thank you for the lovely Celebration of Surendrabhai’s life on zoom. It was a warm and heartfelt tribute. We were so touched and pleased to join in. It was lovely to see so many great photos, brought back some good old memories including the days in Machakos! Surendrabbhai was a lovely warm gentleman who will be missed. May god rest his soul in eternal peace Om Shanti.

                        • Ajay and Bina

                          Deep condolences and prayers for Manju and family. We wish you strength during this time. – Rajani, Joytsna, Ajay, Bina, Palak and Arya

                          • Bharatkumar M. Patel vancouver

                            To Family remember the good times he has spent with you all. May his soul rest in peace.

                            • Dhiru and Shaku

                              His Friendly and Helpful attitude will be missed.
                              Om Shanti, Shanti

                              • Monika Patel

                                “Atman is immortal and believing there is nothing after death is wrong. After life ends, there is infinite life.”
                                Surendra mama, I know you’ll agree.I love you

                                • Tejal Desai

                                  May your soul Rest In Peace, Surendrakaka. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. We will always remember our wonderful memories together. Manjukaki, Ashuben, and Minuben, our deepest prayers and love are always with you and the entire family.

                                  • Niru Patel and family

                                    Surendrakaka, will always remain in our hearts and memories. May your soul Rest In Peace. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

                                    • Nita Aulakh

                                      Dear Surendrakska I will miss you. Love Nita!

                                      • Praful & Kalpana Patel

                                        Surendrabhai you will always be missed. Your smile and always willing to help. It is a big loss to our family. We wish Jalarambapa gives all the strength to Manjubhabhi,Ashoo,Minu and family. ???

                                        • Shelagh Fleming

                                          I’m so sorry for your loss Minal and family.
                                          I don’t think I ever met your dad but he raised a fine daughter. Much love to you all.

                                          • Romit and Shilpa

                                            We’ll miss you Surendramama. Rest In Peace.

                                            • Angelee, Anika and Vasco Bobeck

                                              Surendrakaka, you were a pillar of the MoGo clan who will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace.. You will forever be in our hearts. ??

                                              • Navinchandra Mehta.

                                                We went same School in Machakos and also for a while inSecondsry School in Mombasa. Have lot of childhood Memories of Machakos . A very loving , Caring person . May his soul rest in Eternal Peace.

                                                • RADHI, TARAANA, ANTARA & AJOY PATEL

                                                  To all Surendra Mama’s family… those from Manju mami’s side as well as the MOGO clan and beyond….. during these troubled times I draw on what my father always said from the wisdom he derived from the Vedanta and our Hindu scriptures…. according to these scriptures, what has a form and a name, as well as what is born, must die. The philosophy on death is all about perspective – what a caterpillar sees as the end a butterfly sees as the beginning – even in the Geeta, there is a narrative about death as being the movement of one’s soul from one body (that is a home to the soul) to another – what is positively seen as a new journey or what is known as Griha Pravesh! But, yes, these are all just words from ancient books and it is simple to say but for the persons who have been affected by it, the grief, I know, is unbearable. Irrespective of all the mental preparation, having a close family member like your parent or sibling taken away from you, albeit to a supposedly more peaceful abode, is devastating. I am sure that the loss is painful, and sorrowful and, as we grow older, we begin to realize and appreciate the stark reality of the limits of life. It is a cliché but time is the greatest healer.

                                                  Surendra Mama lived his life with the unusual dichotomy of displaying a jovial, and yet intellectual, character! His business acumen was equally matched by his emotional quotient. Having lived most of my life oceans away from him, I was able to get the rare glimpses of this in spurts…. when I visited Calgary or during some family occasion or when he visited us in India. Like with all his other brothers, I simply enjoyed living in the affections of a “mama-bhanja” relationship with him! I will sorely miss him.

                                                  So…to all of you…please accept our heartfelt condolences, and while we pray to God that his soul achieves Nirvana, we also pray for Him to give strength and fortitude to all affected and to overcome such difficult times.

                                                  Always with you…. Radhi, Taraana, Antara & Ajoy… the Dubai chapter!

                                                  • Panna and Anil Parikh

                                                    Since we arrived in Calgary, from 2007 Surendrabhai and Manjuben are our best friends. 3 to 4 days a week we used to meet each other, going for strolls, playing cards and listening to music. He taught us card games like Canasta and Bridge, and Sudoku. His passion for knowledge is unbelievable either for philosophy, or politics, history, and geography. He was a voracious reader and a good narrator. We have travelled with him many times. Because of his flair for nature he took us to various sights in Southern Alberta. Whenever we visit his home, he always welcomes us with a smile at his front door. We have such strong ties with him that we will never forget him. After leaving India and our busy life there, we never miss India because of our association with him in Calgary. We miss HIM very much. GOD bless HIM in his next journey.

                                                    • Sunil Patel

                                                      Surendrakaka was very knowledgeable and a great source of information. He will be missed and may his soul rest in peace.

                                                      • kusumpatel india

                                                        v will miss u brother alot love kusum

                                                        • Shilpa Patel

                                                          A gentleman whose knowledge and wisdom will be missed by the whole extended family.He leaves lovely memories of the time spent with him.Condolences to ManjuKaki Ashu Minu & Families.Ohm Shanti ?

                                                          • ARUNA shah

                                                            Our deepest condolences to the family. May god rest his soul in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Om shanti shanti.

                                                            • Jayshree - Shantilal, Nimish-Shivali

                                                              Manjuben, Ashu, Meenu and family, our sincere condolences. Surenbhai will be greatly missed. May his soul rest in peace. Om Shanti.

                                                              • Pam Kaur

                                                                Manju, so saddened to hear the news of Suren’s passing. My deepest sympathy to you and the family. May his soul rest in peace.

                                                                • Tania Sablatash

                                                                  Our deepest sympathy to our friend Minal, and to your family, and close friends of Surendrakant. From the Miles family – Tania, Kirk, and Grace.

                                                                  • Indu, Kanti, Ronsk, Milun, Grace, Celine , Saraya ,Patel

                                                                    Note for obituary.
                                                                    Surendrabhai was a stalwart of our family. His foresight planted the roots of MOGO family in Canada.
                                                                    He stood by the family at different stages of almost all siblings & their progeny.
                                                                    We always looked forward to travel with him.
                                                                    He made sure we have fun & got knowledge from our adventures
                                                                    Even in our old age, from his storytelling we discovered his old adventures that were so interesting.
                                                                    We can say volumes about the way the family lived, studied, travelled, & about ups & downs of life , thru thick & thin, it was a fun ride with this loving man.
                                                                    We will miss him. He Surely lives an abyss in dear Manju, Ashoo & Minal’s life.
                                                                    Lots of love,
                                                                    Indu, Kanti, Ronak, Milun & Grace

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