Tamara Christiane GOERTZ

Tamara Goertz  passed away unexpectedly in Calgary on Friday, August 14, 2020  at the age of 52 years. She will be dearly missed by her family and friends.

There will not be a Funeral Service as per family’s request. If friends so desire, memorial donations may be made to any animal charity.

21 Obituaries

  1. Loni Stewart

    Such a beautiful soul. She will be very much missed.

    • Lisa Pitts

      Tamara, your ever present beautiful soul and spirit & advocacy for the animals will remain in our hearts forever. May you Rest in Paradise, precious lady.

      • Jim Krahn

        Tamara accomplished much amd impacted many in her 52 years… her light will not be diminished because she’s not longer with us, it may even get brighter due to her powerful legacy. Blessed to know her for 33 years, and I will miss her smile and warmth… ?

        • Sue Sargent

          I admire Tamara for her dedication to animal advocacy. She was a trailblazer with a mission and I am thankful to have known her. To Sylvia and family, my sincere condolences. Heaven just got a little brighter.

          • Maureen Hurly

            Tamara was a very remarkable person. So kind, generous, caring, brave, and so persistent in trying to change the world for the better. Tamara walked the walk, and got so much done for animals. She impacted so many people; her loss is heartbreaking for many of us. My condolences to her family and everyone who loved her.

            • maureen harper

              I was saddened to hear the news of Tamara’s passing. She was a courageous, strong defender of animal rights and she will be missed by many. My condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace dear lady.

              • AnnRenee

                Beauty lies in the life that one has lived but a greater beauty is the hope we have in God’s promises. So with hearts filled with sadness may we remember Tamara as that smiling light, that glimmer of encouragement, that shining example of caring that touched the lives of so many and was much appreciated by all. She will long be remembered, not only by family and friends but also by God who extends His wonderful promises to all. John 5:28,29; Psalm 37:11, 29. My condolences to the family.

                • Steve Thor

                  We will all miss Tamara. A wonderful lady who will be missed and thought of often. Sympathies extended to her family and friends.

                  • Deanna

                    I met Tamara last year and was instantly intrigued by her presence, smile,energy and many many wonderful quality’s. Music brought us together and music is how I will remember my friend. Tamara you made an impact in my life, I enjoyed every minute spent with you. You drove me to Dr’s appts played music together and planned another Halloween mini concert. I will miss you always. Rest In Peace girl

                    • Kerry King

                      Tragic. I met Tamara in Calgary a few years ago. She was dedicated to Animal welfare and I found her to be a very nice, sincere person. Tamara will be deeply missed.

                      • PAUL STEELE

                        Rest in Peace Tamara……everyone on the ramp could always count on a smile from you.

                        • LUCILLE PARKINSON

                          Rest in Peace Beautiful! Sincere condolences to the family. You will be dearly missed by your Air Canada family. May you soar the Heavens in Peace.

                          • Steve John

                            Tamara talked about how much she loved working at Air Canada and she shared the video that she made for their new hire orientation. Her love for the rock band KISS was very apparent. My condolences to her family. She will be missed.

                            • Walter Shevchenko

                              A beautiful soul with always a desire to assist her fellow human and animal in need.
                              May heaven welcome her with open arms.

                              • Walter Shevchenko

                                A beautiful soul and human being.
                                Proud to call her a friend for 34 years.
                                May heaven welcome her with open arms.

                                • Monica Stensland

                                  Tamara was a very kind and loving person. I loved talking to her at the airport. I remember her helping some German tourists who didn’t speak any English. She was very helpful. The tourist came back to me and said what was that Air Canada agents name. The tourists said she was amazing. They were very thankful for her help.RIP beautiful lady.

                                  • Debbie and Brian Stahl

                                    So sorry to hear of Tamara’s passing. It was always a pleasure running into her at the airport. She was genuine to the core. Our sincere sympathy to the family. May all the wonderful memories you shared comfort you in the days ahead. Tamara was a beautiful person and will be missed.

                                    • Lance Dawson

                                      Its been so long since I was part of the Air Canada World. Tamara was always very kind and great to work with! RIP!!

                                      • Birgit Liesack

                                        Dear Tamara, you were not only a cousin but like a sister and friend like your sister Sylvia for us! We have known you since you were a baby and it is unbelievebel, unacceptabel for the soul that you live not anymore! You had a sad background but nevertheless over continents you helped humans and animals! I never forget your journey with strong handicapted person Marita from Flensburg/ Germany in a rolling chair, you fullfilled her dream to visit her friends in Australia. You gave your yearholidays to catch her from Northgermany over Calgary, Hawaii to Sydney and back. I ever thought you should earn a brave certificate from Canada! Dear Tamara, you are missed soooo much, no words for it! Meagtons of love in our hearts! Please excuse my bad EnglishYour cousins Birgit, Werner, Jutta, Jan, Christa, Eva, Uwe und Holger

                                        • Chris Bell

                                          Only the good die young, such a strong , caring individual. Condolences to Sylvia, she will miss her dearly. Not ever an unkind moment do I recall, though only met her a few times. Quite a shock, so young.

                                          • Chris Bell

                                            Condolences, such a kind individual, only good memories. Sylvia will miss her dearly as will all that knew her.

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