Arthur Wiebe

Following a lengthy battle with lung cancer, Arthur Wiebe of Calgary Alberta passed away on Tuesday, October 26 at the age of 76 years.

Art was born in Poland in 1944. At a very young age, with his mother Helen and his older sister Martha they fled Europe to settle in South America. They started a new life where their family grew to 4 children including Harold and Sandy. From there the family moved to Winnipeg Canada where Art married and had 2 children Arlo and Marla. After life’s many challenges and changes, Art finally settled in Calgary where he enjoyed many late years with his partner Bernice.

Art was a simple man who enjoyed spending time with those who were close to him. Forever the determined and tenacious man, Art’s fatal diagnosis was not taken lightly and he remained steadfast far longer than conventional expectations. Finally, he succumbed to his illness and passed peacefully.

He will be lovingly remembered by his siblings; older sister Martha, younger brother Harold, youngest sister Sandy, his children Arlo and Marla, and grandchildren Haley, Loghan, Austin, and Kaden.

He will also be dearly missed by his many friends in Calgary, staff and friends at Chinook Hospice and Care home.

He was predeceased by his parents Helen & Kurt Harms, and loving life partner Bernice Pettit of 24 years.

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  1. Sonja Everson

    Human beings do not live forever. We live less than the time it takes to blink an eye, if we measure our lives against eternity. So it may be asked what value is there to human life? There is so much pain in the world. What does it mean to have to suffer so much if our lives are nothing more than a blink of an eye? He paused again, his eyes misty now, then went on “I learned a long time ago, that a blink of an eye in itself is nothing. But the eye that blinks, that is something. A span of life is nothing. But the man that lives that span, he is something. He can fill that tiny span with meaning, so it’s quality is immeasurable though it’s quantity may be insignificant.” – Chaim Polok. My dear Uncle Art, your time with us was not as long as it could have been. Your memory will live on…your heart brought joy to many. Those hearts can never forget you.

    • Dave Good

      Art was a good character who never asked for much, always pulled his own weight, and was a kind soul to his close friends. He was always good company and will be fondly remembered by those that knew him.

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