What To Do When A Death Occurs?

What To Do When A Death Occurs?

When the death of someone you care for occurs, it can be overwhelming and difficult, but you are not alone. A Funeral Director will guide you through the entire process so you know what to do and when it needs to be done. At Country Hills Crematorium, we understand that a loved one passing is


Cremation Options At Country Hills Crematorium

Cremation has become the disposition of choice for most Calgarians and continues to grow in popularity each year, with projections anticipating that over 75% will choose cremation within the next few years.  Here at Country Hills Crematorium & Funeral Services in central Calgary, we provide on-site cremation services through our own crematorium. We have licensed

Choosing an Urn

Choosing an Urn

By definition, an urn is a container to put cremated remains in. That container can take any size, shape, or material. What to use is only limited by what you plan to do with the remains and your imagination. If you don’t select an urn, cremated remains will be placed within a bag inside a


What Happens to Items Included in The Casket During Cremation

Before cremation occurs, your licensed Funeral Director will review with the next of kin what will be placed in the casket and whether those items should be cremated. Items within the casket can include photos, letters, jewelry, and clothing. Without prior instructions to remove any items, cremation will burn all items included. Anything can be

Your loved one has passed away

Your loved one has passed away … where to begin

When a loved one has passed away, what happens next depends on where they died and if it was expected – our Where To Begin page can outline all the details. If the death was expected, you may have been able to discuss your loved one’s final wishes. Hopefully, you have been able to find

Funeral Director

The Role of the Funeral Director – What they can and cannot help with

The role of the funeral director can vary greatly based on what plans the deceased made (or didn’t make), what their loved ones want for a funeral, the circumstances of death, and the documentation left behind. In an ideal world, no one would ever die without having a will that names an executor/personal representative and


What is Embalming and When is it Used

Embalming is usually performed when there is an open casket funeral, a viewing, or when a body needs to be shipped by plane, including internationally.  It is typically done for three reasons – for sanitary reasons, for preservation and for presentation. Sanitary Contrary to popular beliefs, when a person dies, all living organisms within them

dying without a will

Details About Dying Without a Will

A will outlines a person’s last wishes and is usually focused on their estate. Often, the will does not include what funeral arrangements the deceased had decided on, but it will clearly identify the person who can make decisions for their funeral. Some decisions are evident in the absence of a will, while others can


What to Say to the Bereaved and What Not to Say

It might feel daunting to approach a grieving family member, but you have gone to a funeral to pay your respects to the departed, offer support to the family, or share your memories; all of these are perfect reasons to speak to those who are grieving. While each situation, and every person, is different, the


Etiquette of a Live Streamed Funeral

A live streamed funeral is one that is broadcasted through an online meeting portal, such as Zoom or Google. The benefit of live streaming is that when people cannot be present for a funeral service, they can still acknowledge the deceased, process their grief, and be a part of the service. When a funeral is


How to Live Stream a Funeral

Whether to live stream a funeral or not is at the discretion of the deceased’s family. While attending the funeral is the best option for acknowledging the loss and personally delivering condolences, live streaming is a wonderful alternative. Live streaming allows the observation of, or participation in, the funeral service by those who might not