In some cases, the deceased or their family may prefer not to have a service. Sometimes this is because they wish to have a private gathering or to hold a service at a later date. In this case, we can coordinate the burial or cremation and be available to you should you desire to hold a memorial service at another time or on your own.

Other times the wish is to simply allow the death to pass without any service or gathering. This is a personal choice and the team at Country Hills Crematorium is here to support you in any way that you need.


Direct Disposition with no Ceremony

We offer the basic level of service in this case so that you can manage your needs appropriately while knowing your loved one has been cared for with the utmost respect. This is also the lowest cost option for those looking to maintain a budget.

The basic services we provide in these circumstances include:

  • Professional services, arrangement conference with one of our Licensed Funeral Directors to plan all service details
  • Assistance with all necessary documentation including but not limited to: CPP, Death Certificate
  • Creation and submission of obituary to newspaper (newspaper costs not included)
  • Placement of obituary on our website
  • Transfer of deceased

This option also includes cremation and starts at $1350.

We can also accommodate a direct burial with the services listed above, but there will be additional costs related to the selections made for burial including the casket and cemetery costs.

Please contact us directly for direct burial pricing.

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We can help you to celebrate the life of your loved one in a formal or non-traditional manner.




We help you to choose the right casket, cemetery and services to bury your loved one.

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This is a personal choice based on your beliefs and preferences. The deceased can be buried or cremated immediately with little to no ceremony and any gathering or service can be held at a later date or not at all. There are few differences in the outcome between burial and cremation, so it often comes down to the unique belief systems and values of the individual and their family. 

If you need more information on the advantages of each option to help you decide what is right for you, please check out our blog post on the topic or contact us for more information.

A celebration of life could be similar to a funeral or memorial service. The defining feature of a celebration of life is that the ceremony is positive and focused on sharing memories and remembering the life of the deceased rather than focusing on their death.

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