At Country Hills Crematorium & Funeral Services we provide the expertise, assistance and support you need to plan a meaningful Memorial or Celebration of Life event to honour your loved one.

There can be many options and decisions to make when it comes to preparing for a service, and we are here to help you understand these options and guide you through the decision making process.

A memorial or celebration of life service is often highly personalized and may include various elements of a traditional funeral, or may be quite unconventional. We are here to help you honour your loved one in the way that best suits their life and your preferences.

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We have bright, modern facilities to accommodate your service including spacious Service rooms, a large kitchen, a chapel and much more. We can also provide catering, audio visual requirements, flowers, musicians, limousine services, stationary requests, liquor licenses and any merchandise needs you may have.

You are encouraged to personalize your service and funeral reception in any way that brings guests together to share in celebrating the life of someone they cared for. Some families choose to share pictures and videos, others may ask attendees to dress in a specific colour or style that is meaningful such as pink for breast cancer awareness or sports jerseys of the deceased’s favourite team. Or you may choose certain music, flowers or foods that your loved one enjoyed. There are so many wonderful ways to plan a unique and special celebration of your loved one. We are here to help you through the entire process.

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We help you to choose the right casket, cemetery and services to bury your loved one.




Professional and caring cremation services that are suited to your individual needs.

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What is a memorial service?

A memorial service is also a gathering of people to observe and accept the death of an individual similar to a funeral. Many people consider the difference to be that a funeral has a casket present and a memorial service will have an urn present or no remains of the deceased at all.

A celebration of life could be similar to a funeral or memorial service. The defining feature of a celebration of life is that the ceremony is positive and focused on sharing memories and remembering the life of the deceased rather than focusing on their death.

Whether you choose a funeral, memorial service, celebration of life or private service, all types of services and ceremonies have significance and value to the attendees. All services provide a caring, supportive environment where loved ones and friends can recognize the death, and to share thoughts and feelings about that person. These types of gatherings are the first step in the healing process.

What type of service should I have?

The type of service that will be held for the deceased is chosen by them before their death or by their family after their passing. Funerals can be planned in advance and very specific wishes can be shared for the family to follow. Funeral directors are trained to help you arrange the desired type of service. The service is usually held at a place of worship or at the funeral home in Calgary, however other venues can be considered and may be more appropriate in your unique circumstances.

Yes. Today, pre-planning and prepayment of services has become more common. It’s as simple as calling our office and setting an appointment for one of our counselors to meet you, either in our office or at your home. Prearranging will provide you with more time to review your options and give you a choice regarding your own final services. Pre-arranging will provide you with the peace of mind that everything has been taken care of, relieving your family of the emotional and financial burden that often comes with making arrangements when a loved one passes away. Planning in advance also relieves the family and executor of making difficult decisions and can prevent conflict in families. Making arrangements in advance also guarantees today’s prices, free from inflation.

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Our experienced team has the knowledge and resources to help you plan a celebration of life or memorial service that perfectly honours the life of your loved one. Creating a unique service can help you begin the process of saying goodbye by remembering and celebrating the best parts of a life well lived.

Please call us today to discuss any questions you may have.

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