Cremation has become the disposition of choice for many Calgarians and continues to grow in popularity each year. Here at Country Hills Crematorium & Funeral Services, we provide on-site cremation services through our own crematorium in Calgary. We have licensed directors and crematorium operators that will take exceptional care of your family and your loved one. Your loved one never leaves our care, and we strive to provide you with the peace-of-mind that they are being handled with the utmost care and respect.



Choosing cremation does not limit your choices on whether to have a visitation, funeral service, memorial or celebration of life. You can also choose a cemetery burial or scattering gardens. Cremation offers a wide variety of choices on how to honour the life that has been lost in the most appropriate way possible.

In many cultures, it is customary to cremate the deceased, and for some, it is important for the bereaved to be able to witness the cremation. Other cultures require a proper bathing and dressing of the deceased with specific care taken to honour them, followed by a cremation that takes place at a certain time of day or evening. The team at Country Hills Crematorium is experienced in arranging various religious cremations and our facility has been designed with these specific needs in mind.

We will be here to provide guidance and support throughout the whole process of planning the cremation and funeral services that are right for you and your family. We strive to offer flexible and affordable options to suit your every need.

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We can help you to celebrate the life of your loved one in a formal or non-traditional manner.




For the most straightforward and cost effective option, immediate disposition may be right for you.

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Are more people choosing cremation?

Yes, cremation is currently chosen after approximately 75% of all deaths in Calgary.

Cremation is the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through the application of intense heat using fire. This usually takes two to four hours and occurs in a cremation chamber or retort at a crematorium in Calgary. The remaining fragments are processed into a finer substance. We refer to the remaining material as “cremated remains”.

There are several options that you can choose for your loved ones cremated remains. A family can choose to bury the cremated remains in a cemetery, or to have them placed within a niche in a columbarium. Columbaria are often located within a cemetery and may be a building, a room or a series of niches along walls. Some cemeteries also have other options including scattering gardens where many cremated remains may be placed together. You may also choose to take cremated remains home for storage or for display. Others may choose to scatter them in a special place, though it is advisable to check local restrictions on scattering remains on public property and obtain permission for private property. Your funeral director can provide you with more information and guidance.

Families are welcome to witness the cremation process if they wish. For those who do not wish to, it’s important to know we have a strict process to identify the deceased from the point they are brought into our care until they are placed in an urn and either buried or released to the family. An important element of our high standard of care is to have a metal disk with a unique ID number that is assigned to your loved one and follows them throughout the entire cremation process. The ID disk never leaves the cremated remains and then stays with the cremated remains when they are placed in the urn.

No, however we do require that the deceased be placed in a rigid, combustible container for placement in the cremation chamber. We offer inexpensive cremation containers at our crematorium for this purpose.

Can I still have a viewing with a cremation?

Definitely! In fact, we encourage you to do so. Choosing cremation only indicates how you’d like to care for your loved one and does not exclude you from celebrating and honouring their life in any way. Whether you’d like to have a visitation and funeral service with your loved one present and then follow it with cremation, or wait and hold the service after the cremation, we’re happy to help you design a service to satisfy your wishes. Cremation is simply one option for final disposition of the body.

Yes, we offer ceremonial caskets that can be rented for the purposes of the viewing and funeral service. The deceased will still need to be placed in a rigid, combustible container for placement in the cremation chamber. The cremation container and ceremonial casket are purchased together as one item.

No, cremation is an alternative to earth burial or entombment for the body’s final disposition. Cremation in Calgary can occur before or after a service. When the body is present for a service and is then cremated, we refer to this as a traditional funeral followed by cremation. When the cremation is completed before the service, it is considered a memorial service. We can assist you with the necessary information to make the best decision for your family.

Whether you choose a funeral, memorial service, celebration of life or private service, all types of services and ceremonies have significance and value to the attendees. All services provide a caring, supportive environment where loved ones and friends can recognize the death, and to share thoughts and feelings about that person. These types of gatherings are the first step in the healing process.

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At Country Hills Crematorium we take pride in being able to provide the necessary services, facilities and experience to honour your loved one at their time of death, in the way they would have wanted.

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