How We Can Help

When a death occurs in your family, you will be faced with important tasks and decision-making during a very difficult time. You may not know what to do or when to begin making arrangements. Bearing the responsibility can be overwhelming. Remember that you are not alone. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 403-274-0576 to assist you with the details and offer our guidance. Our mandate is to carefully guide you through the entire process.

We help at the following times:

Prior to a death:
Planning in advance will prepare you for the time when a death will occur. Having an understanding of how events will unfold and making some decisions in advance will ease the burdens you will face. There is no cost or obligation to meet with one of our pre-planning counselors. Click here for more information.

A funeral should be a reflection of a person’s life, a final tribute that will leave surviving friends and loved ones with memories they can treasure for years to come. What better way to make certain that your own funeral is just that than to plan it in advance for your family?

Our funeral home’s professional staff counsels people just like you every day, explaining all of the options and choices that have to be made. They can help you make those tough decisions wisely and help spare your family unnecessary anxiety, inconvenience and expense.

There are monthly, semi-annual or yearly payment plans available to suit any budget. You will be pleased to note that a pre-paid funeral will lock in the cost against future inflation. A Pierson’s Funeral Service Pre-planning Counselor or one of our Funeral Directors would be pleased to offer you more information on any of our preplanning products. Call our office at 235-3602 for more information.

When a death has occurred:
When a death occurs, if you are not sure what to do, call us at 403-274-0576 and our professional staff will ensure the right people are contacted. Your emotional state may be heightened upon the death of a loved one and we suggest that you ask a friend or family member for help – someone who is more able to think clearly, and give you the support you need.

After the service:
We continue to care for you and your family through our “Family Care” program, whose sole purpose is to help survivors resolve some of the practical matters that can be most difficult after the loss of a loved one. We will meet you at either your home or at the funeral home after the funeral. We know that there may be many things on your mind and our program is designed to help ease these burdens.

The following is a list of ways that our family care director will assist:

  • Canada Pension Plan & Old Age Security – assist with completion and mailing of applications
  • Retirement and Pensions – private, provincial or federal applications for survivor’s benefits
  • Insurance – Applications for claiming insurance benefits, updating beneficiary information, continuance of health or other insurance
  • Title Transfers – Compiling a list of items that should be transferred, assisting with submission of applications
  • Credit Card Cancellations
  • Bank Account Updates – closing accounts, adding names, helpful information to navigate the banking system.
  • Memorialization – Granite or bronze memorials, benches or other permanent memorials
  • Survivors Funeral Plans
  • Grief counseling – guidance to the person, group or resource that can help you best