Post Funeral

We recognize that long after the formalities, there are practical tasks that need to be attended to. We will meet you at either your home or at the funeral home after the funeral.  We know that there may be many things on your mind and our program is designed to help ease these burdens.  The following is a list of ways that our family care director will assist:

  • Canada Pension Plan & Old Age Security – assist with completion and mailing of applications
  • Retirement and Pensions – private, provincial or federal applications for survivor’s benefits
  • Insurance – Applications for claiming insurance benefits, updating beneficiary information, continuance of health or other insurance
  • Title Transfers – Compiling a list of items that should be transferred, assisting with submission of applications
  • Credit Card Cancellations
  • Bank Account Updates – closing accounts, adding names, helpful information to navigate the banking system.
  • Memorialization – Granite or bronze memorials, benches or other permanent memorials
  • Survivors Funeral Plans
  • Grief counseling – guidance to the person, group or resource that can help you best