Can I Still Have a Funeral Reception if I Get Cremated?

Can I Still Have a Funeral Reception if I Get Cremated

It is a very common misconception that choosing to be cremated, or if a loved one is cremated, you cannot have a funeral service and reception. But the answer is yes, you most definitely can, and should, plan to have a service and gathering after a cremation.

At Country Hills Crematorium, we do offer a Direct Cremation package that is for those who want to just have the cremation with no funeral, reception or additional services. This is our simplest and most inexpensive option and it is typically chosen by those who do not wish to have a funeral service before or after their cremation.

For those who do wish to have a funeral service and reception (or celebration of life), we can support you as you plan services that happen before or after the cremation, or a combination of both. 

Some families will choose to have their loved one cremated first and then plan a memorial service and funeral reception afterwards. Some may decide on a funeral service and reception prior to the cremation. Others will have a traditional wake prior to the cremation and a celebration of life afterwards. No matter what you call it, or when it happens, it is absolutely an option to gather to remember and honour the life of a loved one if their final disposition will be cremation. In fact, it is recommended that you do choose to gather after the passing of a loved one regardless of the disposition chosen.

So whether you are preplanning for your own cremation and funeral services, or for a loved one, it is beneficial to include a service where family and friends can share prayers, songs, words and any special rites or rituals. It is also important to offer those who are grieving a reception afterwards to spend time together honouring or celebrating the life of the deceased and sharing support with each other. 

The reception is the first social event following a funeral where the deceased is not present and represents a new, often difficult reality. For this reason, it is customary to hold a reception and offer friends and family the chance to support each other, share stories and memories and continue to celebrate the life of someone they cared about.

For tips and advice on planning a funeral reception, please click here.

At Country Hills Crematorium we take pride in being able to provide the necessary facilities and experience to honour your loved one at their time of death, in the way that works best for your family. Please call us at (403)274-0576 with any questions or to get started planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one who has passed.

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