Desha P. Barua


Desha P. Barua

Desha P. Barua, passed away peacefully at the light of dawn at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary on the auspicious day of Modhu Purnima, September 13th 2019. He was blessed to be surrounded by his loved ones during his final moments.

He was married to his wife Susmita Barua for a wonderful 46 years. He was an engineer by profession and loved reading all literature to gain knowledge throughout his life. He moved to Canada in 2001, in hopes of providing a better life for his 4 daughters, which he proclaimed as the 4 pillars of his life. He was a gentle soul that was known by all for his caring personality and kind words. He left a positive lasting impact upon anyone that had the pleasure of crossing paths with him. He was a studious devotee of Buddhism, and considered it his second family.

He was first diagnosed with dementia in 2009, a disease which he fiercely battled for 10 years. He did not let the disease get the best of him. He continued to love and live life, and kept smiling until the very end. He will forever be remembered preaching these proverbs that he lived by: “Cleanliness is Godliness”, “Knowledge is Power” and “God helps those who help themselves”. He was taken care of at home by his wife and daughters until the very end.

He is survived by Susmita Barua, and his daughters Annie, Amee, Delphi and Nicky, along with three grandchildren, Sneha, Shreya, and James.