How Much Does a Funeral Cost? Checklist and Pricing

Funeral Cost

Funeral services help to bring comfort to those who have lost a loved one and to honour the life that has been lost. A funeral is an important part of moving through the grieving process for families, allowing them to come together to give and receive support, and to experience a sense of community through each other.


While a funeral can be an emotional event that is hard to put a price on, costs still need to be considered when planning a service for your loved one. In some cases, a funeral has been preplanned, so there is little to do after a death has occurred and costs are prepared for in advance, but many times this is not the case. Your loved one may have shared some of their end of life wishes with you, but may not have gotten as far as preparing, preplanning or even prepaying for funeral services.


In these situations, you are likely to be unprepared to make the arrangements for a funeral service and unaware of the costs. The passing of a loved one can be a difficult time, so finding a funeral home that can support you through this process is critical. Licensed funeral directors have the experience and training to help you determine the best way to honour your loved one, carry out the services that you require and to help you work within your budget. They are typically experienced in offering a variety of services, incorporating various cultural and religious rites and assisting with commonly asked questions and funeral etiquette.


There are many types of funeral services and celebrations of life, as well as cultural and religious ceremonies. Funerals can range significantly in their scope and cost, it depends solely on the beliefs and preferences of the loved one who has passed and those planning the service. Some key points to consider are:


  • Will you have a burial or cremation?
  • Will anyone wish to see the deceased to pay their respects?
  • If you choose a burial, is there a cemetery preference?
  • If you choose a cremation, what might be done with the cremated remains?
  • Will there be a service or gathering, and what are the location options?
  • Will it be religious and if so, who will be the religious contact?
  • Are there cultural requirements to be observed?
  • Who will participate by speaking or sharing music?
  • Are there preferences about a casket, urn or flowers?


Prior to meeting with your funeral director, you should determine your budget and what elements are most important to your family, plus the wishes of your loved one. Communicate this information with your funeral director so they can ensure that all details are handled with respect to your wishes while ensuring you stay within your budget. Your funeral director is there to help as a compassionate supporter. They have training and experience helping families through this process. You may be overcome with grief or overwhelmed with the process of planning a funeral service, so it can be helpful to know that you can lean on your funeral director who is trained to be there for you during this difficult time.


Here are some details that are important to bring to make arrangements. Your funeral director will be:


  • Collecting personal information for the legal registration of death
  • Determining whether or not a service/gathering will be held, and the best venue
  • Identifying a timeline for important tasks, including gathering information and scheduling viewings, services, video tributes, receptions, cremation or burial and other relevant times
  • Selecting a casket, vault, urn, flowers or other products you may need
  • Drafting an obituary
  • Assistance with selecting music, speakers, poems, casket or urn bearers
  • Completion of necessary authorizations and contracts


For a full list of options for your funeral service, including detailed pricing, contact us at 403-274-0576 to book a Consultation or to request more information. We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Your funeral director will help you navigate creating the appropriate funeral services for your needs with empathy and expertise, including being up to date on all government health protocols and any restrictions that may be in place. While costs can be an important factor in the funeral home you choose, it’s also important to ensure you have found the right team to work with, so be sure to consult with the funeral director to make sure you feel comfortable working with them before you begin planning.


While cost is a factor to be considered, don’t forget that you will have a funeral to celebrate the life of your loved one only once, so be sure to focus on what will best support your family and honour your loved one so there are no future regrets.


If you find yourself planning a funeral for a loved one, or if you’d like to preplan your own arrangements, our licensed funeral directors are here for you.

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