How To Plan A Funeral

Funerals help us to acknowledge that someone we love has died, to say goodbye and to offer continuity and hope for the living. Funerals also provide a support system for us and allow us to reflect on the meaning of life and death. Funerals allow the living to say goodbye and the dead to be honoured in a respectful manner.

Whether you have a loved one who has recently passed, is nearing the end of their life or if you would like to pre-plan your own funeral arrangement, planning a funeral can feel a bit overwhelming. Funerals and end of life services are different in many ways from other major life events that you may have planned in the past, especially if you are planning on behalf of someone else without knowing what their final wishes are.

The team of caring funeral professionals at Country Hills Crematorium & Funeral Services are here to help you through the process. A licensed Funeral Director can walk you through all of the various requirements, as well as the options you have to choose from. They take the time to get to know the values of the person who has passed, or whom arrangements are being made for, to ensure that they are honoured and that the wishes of the remaining loved ones are met. 

Since each funeral is unique, it is best to speak directly with one of our funeral professionals, but there is some information that can help you to understand what is involved in planning a funeral and what our team will discuss with you.

All funeral homes offer different funeral types. There are typically five different options to choose from. These options are:

  • Immediate Cremation with no service
  • Memorial Service (Cremation or burial has taken place prior to ceremony)
  • Traditional Cremation (Cremation to follow ceremony)
  • Traditional Burial (Burial to follow ceremony)
  • Graveside only (Ceremony takes place at cemetery)


Many of these costs vary depending on the options you chose. Specific religious rites, casket and urn options, the extent of the ceremonial services, flowers, headstone and burial location can all dramatically impact the costs. 

As of December 1, 2020 the costs involved for the two most common service types at Country Hills Crematorium are:

  • Immediate Cremation with no service – $1195.00


This price includes: transfer from place of death, obtaining all documents required for cremation, minimum cremation container, cremation fee and a temporary urn.

  • Traditional Cremation – We have five different Traditional Cremation funeral ceremony packages that families can choose from. The only difference between all the packages is the casket. The basic price for a traditional cremation package is $4600.00 plus casket as selected by you. Caskets range from $1070.00 to $4995.00.


During the process of planning a funeral, you will need to consider many of the following questions:

  • Will you have a burial or cremation?
  • Will anyone wish to see the deceased to pay their respects?
  • If you choose a burial, is there a cemetery preference?
  • If you choose a cremation, what might be done with the cremated remains?
  • Will there be a service or gathering, and what are the location options?
  • Will it be religious and if so, who will be the religious contact?
  • Are there cultural requirements to be observed?
  • Who will participate by speaking or sharing music?
  • Are there preferences about a casket, urn or flowers?


Prior to meeting with your funeral director, you should determine your budget and what elements are most important to your family, plus the wishes of your loved one. Communicate this information with your funeral director so they can ensure that all details are handled with respect to your wishes while ensuring you stay within your budget. 

Your funeral director is there to help as a compassionate supporter. They have training and experience helping families through this process. You may be overcome with grief or overwhelmed with the process of planning a funeral service, so it can be helpful to know that you can lean on your funeral director who is trained to be there for you during this difficult time.

Please contact us to learn more about planning a funeral and how the team at Country Hills Crematorium & Funeral Services can support you through the process.

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