Kurt Holmgren

Kurt Holmgren

August 11, 1966 – September 1, 2022

God Bless Forever

I look for you, I seek to find

A place to hide, it is your mind

I don’t choose anyone, they choose me

You take a ride and you feel free

The ride is short or is it long

You don’t know, how far you gone

You keep on riding, here and there

Where you end up, you never care

Then one morn, you wake the day

You try to kick me, you hope and pray

You kick and scream, you try to fight

But all for not, I’m back that night

Someday you ‘Il see, what you have done

Pushed your friends, away they’ve run

You’ It try to find, that one great day

When you truly say, yes, I am okay

But you still know, that I am there

Around the corner, you know not where

But you have walked, walked away

From the darkness, to the day

God Bless Forever

Written by Kurt Holmgren