Maciej Jozef Blach

Maciej Jozef Blach

Maciej Jozef Blach (M.J.) was born February 15, 1958 to parents Helen and Jozef Blach. Maciej was the oldest of 3 sons. He had two younger brothers, Alek and Peter.

At the age of 18, Maciej entered the Polish Military where he served two years. Maciej left Poland in 1982 at the age of 24. He spent time living in Paris before moving to Canada.

Maciej settled in Calgary and married Elaine in 1989. They had 4 beautiful daughters, Danielle, Christine, Angela and Teresa.

He worked as a certified construction craft labourer for over 30 years  with the Local 92 Labourer’s Union.

Maciej was fluent in many languages including Polish, English, Latin, Russian, French, and Spanish. He had deep passion for learning and gaining new knowledge.

Maciej had a profound love for gardening, nature, photography, baking, philosophy, his family, and his pets. He was an exceptionally intelligent, passionate, and God-loving man.

Maciej passed away at the age of 64 on January 22, 2023. He will be remembered and dearly missed by his loved ones for his beautifully unique personality. “Your footsteps can never be filled, and your love never forgotten.”