Mr. Amandeep Singh Chatha


Mr. Amandeep Singh Chatha

It is with a heavy heart we mark the passing of our beloved Amandeep Chatha.

Born to Harbhajan and Sampuran Chatha on November 8, 1979, Amandeep was the second of three children. Amandeep is survived by his parents, his older sister Amrit and younger sister Sukhpreet (Soni). Throughout his lifetime Amandeep earned a number of nicknames, including Deepa, Am and Deep C. Each name carries its own legacy: the charismatic brother, the dedicated friend, the introspective musician and much more. He accepted everyone for who they were and had a knack for making the smallest of personalities feel noticed and valued. His dad called him hero for a reason. People from all walks of life flocked to Amandeep. From his infectious smile to his radiating warmth, few can say they’ve impacted the lives of so many by simply being themselves. We will remember his wit and his kindness in equal measure. We will find peace in the music he made and the art he loved. In absence of his embrace, we will offer our own arms to hold and be held. In absence of his light, we will offer our own shoulders for tears and our own laughter to provide warmth and encouragement.

As a man, he will pass from myth to legend. But in our hearts, he will remain forever preserved in time as our hero.

May he rest in paradise.