Mr. Amit Balmukund Dave

Mr. Amit Balmukund Dave

August 29th, 1983 – January 20, 2024

Amit Dave was an incredibly loving person. He shared his gift of positivity with many and brought joy and support to all that he encountered. 

On August 29, 1983 at St Georges Hospital in Tooting, London, England Amit began his journey into this world. Born to Balmukund (Muku) and Pravina Dave, he was the first grandson on his maternal side and the youngest on his paternal side. Lovingly, his childhood nickname to many in his family was “Gui Gui.” 

At the age of four, Amit’s family emigrated to Canada, settling in Edmonton, Alberta. Amit was a bright, inquisitive and intelligent child who was full of laughter and grew to adulthood carrying these wonderful qualities with him. With a love of superheroes, cartoons and inspirational characters – he imbibed those values through school and into his friendships and life. Always smiling, always joking and making everyone comfortable with his personality – Amit brought value and deep insight to interactions with everyone. 

After graduating from NAIT in 2003 with a degree in Network Engineering; Amit began his IT career at Convergys in Edmonton before moving to Calgary where he excelled in each new direction he took. Qualico Homes, Shane Homes, AltaGAS, Suncor, Microsoft – were just some of the companies that his contributions and impact was felt. From working on nuclear power plants to forming his own consulting company with the blessings of Ganesh who is the remover of obstacles as his logo. Amit was a valued resource who was relied on for his expertise, ability to solve complex situations with ease, and most importantly his responsible and trustworthy nature.      

Amit was a truly remarkable soul whose generosity knew no bounds. His heart was filled with an abundance of kindness. This led him to care for each and every person in his life with genuine love and compassion. Amit’s journey was one of both generosity and success. Starting in an entry-level position, he carved a path of achievement, reaching senior positions and demonstrating a wisdom in finance that was unmatched. 

Yet, what truly defined Amit was his humility. He never hesitated to lend a helping hand or offer support to those in need, always reminding us; 

“I know I’m blessed, so if I can help someone out, why wouldn’t I?” 

This mantra encapsulates the essence of who Amit was – a friend to all, a beacon of warmth and understanding.

Beyond his remarkable heart and career, Amit was a person of laughter and joy. His infectious giggle and love for light-hearted humor, such as fart jokes, brought smiles to all around him. He found pleasure in the simple things, and made them extraordinary. From cooking and to sharing a meal with friends, Amit truly was about the experience being together could bring. 

Amit’s impact on our lives will never be forgotten. His legacy will continue through the countless lives he touched and the love he shared. Today, we honour a man whose generosity, intelligence, and humor enriched our lives in immeasurable ways. 

Amit; you will be dearly missed, but your spirit will forever live on in our hearts.

Captain America was his favourite superhero who he tried to be like everyday by bringing love, light and happiness to the world.