The Best Musical Tributes for a Funeral

Best Musical Tributes for a Funeral

At a funeral, music can provide comfort, express grief, and celebrate a life well lived. There are countless musical selections to choose from – which is why it might seem impossible to find the most appropriate pieces. But don’t worry – Country Hills Crematorium is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly requested  musical tributes to play at a funeral or memorial service, reflecting a wide variety of religions, traditions and cultures.

Whether you’re playing a variation of a religious classic, singing acapella to an audience, or enlisting the help of a choir, Country Hills can help you arrange for music that touches your family and friends with the memory of your loved one.

We are so fortunate that the City of Calgary has such a rich and diverse population. Through the sharing of music we can appreciate one another’s cultures and learn from our gathered experiences together. Through commemorating the life of a loved one we share a common bond. Through music we are able to equally share common values and emotions. 

Depending on the type of funeral or memorial service you have organized,the right song may make or break the mood of your loved one’s end of life ceremony. Those who are gathered will leave with either a feeling of enlightenment and hope, confusion as to the appropriateness of what was heard, or a sense of being lost in grief. The music played at a funeral or memorial service largely contributes to the “take away” people leave the gathering with.

Music always plays an important role in a funeral or memorial service. It can provide comfort, express grief, and celebrate a life well lived. There are many songs to choose from, and we at Country Hills Crematorium hope that the selections we offer might inspire you to find the right melody to suite your needs. 

If you need help choosing the right music, hymns or songs for your or a loved one’s funeral or memorial service, our team is here to help. Please contact us at (403) 274-0576.

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