What Happens to Items Included in The Casket During Cremation

Before cremation occurs, your licensed Funeral Director will review with the next of kin what will be placed in the casket and whether those items should be cremated.

Items within the casket can include photos, letters, jewelry, and clothing. Without prior instructions to remove any items, cremation will burn all items included. Anything can be burned, aside from potentially hazardous or explosive materials, such as pace makers.

Once the decision has been made to cremate the remains of a loved one, an authorization form needs to be completed. Some of the questions asked will be:

  • Should their clothing be cremated with them?
  • Do they have a pacemaker (if so, it will need to be removed before the cremation)?
  • Have they had radiation treatments?
  • Should the jewelry be removed before the cremation?
  • Are there any valuables that should be removed?

In some Asian cultures, it is customary to see the remains as they come out of the retort. The family will look for any special items in the cremated remains; finding one is a sign of good luck. If that is a part of your culture, it must be shared with your funeral director before the cremation.

Next, the remains are placed in the urn you have chosen. If requested, items like wedding bands or precious mementoes may be added to the urn, pending the plans for the remains (see choosing an urn). Sometimes, you may wish to add jewelry after the cremation to ensure it stays in tack, like a wedding band, which is likely to melt if left on the deceased during the cremation.

If you want to include something to be cremated with the deceased, ask the family before placing it inside to ensure it aligns with their wishes. If you have questions about items that can or cannot be included in a casket during a cremation service, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at Country Hill Crematorium.

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