Creative Options For Cremated Remains

Creative Options For Cremated Remains

With over 75% of Canadians now choosing cremation for their final disposition, and this number expected to increase in the years to come, a whole variety of new, creative options for how to manage cremated remains have emerged. Your loved one’s cremated remains can still be scattered or buried, but many people are also opting to use parts of the ashes in a number of different mementos that allow them to keep their loved ones with them all the time, anywhere they go.

Some options for cremated remains that have become popular include different types of urns or containers. Some options are related to where the remains are kept and others include incorporating the remains into various objects.

If you are looking for a way to make cremation unique to you or your loved one, here are some of the trends we are currently seeing:

Urns and Burial Containers

One particularly interesting trend we’ve noticed in recent years is a shift in the type of urns used for storing cremated remains. 3D printed urns have become more popular, as well as all kinds of unique shapes and styles. You can also have cremated remains become a part of the urn by incorporating it into glass, pottery or even pressed into a diamond!

Scattering Cremated Remains

While this has always been a common practice for cremated remains, where and how the ashes are scattered has become much more creative in recent years. Ranging from scattering gardens at your local cemetery to being shot into space or spread by being blown up in a firework, there are numerous unique ways to scatter remains after cremation has occurred.

Burial Locations

Another trend we have seen people lean towards is having their cremated remains buried in unique places such as becoming part of a coral reef or a memorial forest. Depending on what is important to you or your loved one, there are many available options for ashes to find their final resting place – just be sure that the option you choose is in compliance with your local laws. Working with a reputable company that has secured a site that suits your request is one of the best ways to ensure you do not interfere with nature, bylaws or any other concerns that may arise.


Lastly, the rise in cremations has sprung a whole new category of options for storing the ashes of your loved ones. You can have some of the cremated remains made into jewelry that you can wear, stuffed animals that you can keep close by and you can even spin the ashes into a vinyl record that you can listen to for years to come. To truly keep your loved one close by forever, you can have a small amount of ashes blended with ink and put into a memorial tattoo.

In many cases, the sky is not even the limit on what can be done to commemorate your loved one after they have been cremated. This trend is in line with many of the primary reasons more people are choosing cremation (see our recent blog here for more info on this), so we expect it to continue to emerge as a growing trend and market full of creative options.

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