Why More People Than Ever Are Choosing Cremation

Why More People Than Ever Are Choosing Cremation

When choosing what will happen to them after they pass, it has become quite common for people to choose cremation, which is a significant shift from the past. It has been estimated that over 75% of Canadians will choose cremation for their final disposition. While there has been much speculation as to why cremation has surged in popularity, we have found that the most common reasons are related to ease, cost and a shift in societal norms and cultural expectations.


Here are the most common reasons that the people we work with at Country Hills Crematorium choose cremation over other options.



  1. Simplicity – Many families feel that death should be a quiet, simple occurrence where the service is kept to a minimum and there are no burial ceremonies or processes to follow through with. Cremation can be accompanied by any type of memorial service the family chooses and the final resting place of the cremated remains is very flexible.


  1. Flexible – On that note, another reason so many people are choosing cremation these days is because of the flexibility. A family will have much more time to plan a funeral and wait for family to arrive from out of town if cremation is selected. It also means that a family is not tied to one particular location, with the option to move the cremated remains if needed.


  1. Religion – There are also some cultural and religious reasons that cremation is chosen. The number of people in Canada observing these practices, rituals and rites has grown over the past few decades, giving rise to a higher demand for cremation as a final disposition.


  1. Cultural shifts – As much as there has been an influx of those who choose cremation for religious and cultural reasons, there have also become fewer people observing religious and cultural rites that require burial. There is less emphasis put on religion in many communities and faiths such as Catholicism have relaxed their rules around choosing cremation and how death is expected to be handled.


  1. Values – It is a commonly held belief that cremation is a more environmentally friendly option than burial. While this can be hotly debated on both sides, it is one of the most common reasons cited for choosing cremation.


  1. Cost – On the more practical side, many people and families chose cremation because it is simply less expensive. While a funeral for someone who has been cremated can still be extravagant and costly, removing the fees for burial (plot, service, headstone) can definitely decrease costs quite a bit. It is also unlikely that a family will select a more elaborate casket when choosing cremation and the casket is often one of the biggest expenses associated with a final disposition.


  1. Lack of burial space – Lastly, another quite practical reason for choosing cremation in many areas is a lack of space. When a city has reached its peak sprawl, there is nowhere else to create new cemeteries, leading to a lack of space for burial and making the choice for people in that circumstance.


As the demand for cremation continues to rise, we expect to continue to offer cremation services to even more Calgary residents. If you have any questions about the right options for you or your loved one, the funeral staff at Country Hills Crematorium would be happy to walk you through the considerations that may influence your decision.



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