What is The Least Expensive Option When Someone Dies?

What is The Least Expensive Option When Someone Dies?

When you or a loved one pass away, there might be many reasons why the least expensive options may be requested. Some families simply do not believe in spending a large amount of money on funerals and memorializing a loved one. Some have values that do not appreciate the observance of the rituals of the end of a life. And others may not be able to afford more than the least expensive option. Regardless of the reason for choosing them, every funeral home in Calgary will have options that are the most affordable and have the least amount of services included.

At Country Hills Crematorium, we offer Immediate Disposition as our least expensive option when someone has died. Immediate disposition (also called Direct Disposition) means that the body is either buried or cremated with no funeral or memorial service and no graveside observance. The body is taken into the care of the funeral home, the legal paperwork is completed and the body is either cremated right away or buried. Since burial requires some additional costs, a Direct Cremation is the least expensive option of the two. 

When a death occurs, there are several costs that increase the price of laying the person to rest. The most common include:

  1. Casket – A rigid container is legally required for burial or cremation in Calgary but you can choose any number of options from a simple wooden box to a variety of casket options that might be more refined and appealing. Caskets are made of metal or wood. Wooden caskets will vary based on veneer or solid hardwood – ash, elm, poplar, oak, maple or cherry; the stain and finish, the types of handles, the fabric that lines the inside. Each of these options will affect the cost of the casket.
  1. Viewing – Holding a viewing requires preparation of the body, a viewing room, planning and many other services. Depending on the options you choose, the price will be affected and will add to the overall cost of laying someone to rest. 
  1. Funeral Service – A funeral service may include an officiant, musicians, A/V, staff, setup and much more. All of these items add to the cost of the funeral and it is the choice of each family to determine which of these services are valued when laying a loved one to rest. When you choose to forgo a service entirely, you also avoid these costs. 
  1. Post Funeral Reception – After a funeral, whether the service is held at the funeral home or a place of worship, many families choose to hold a reception for their guests. This can range in cost based on the type of food and level of service provided. If you have decided against a service, you will remove this cost and make your loved ones final arrangements much less expensive.
  1. Stationery – Prayer cards, printed obituaries and programs for a service increase the cost you will pay overall. You may choose to skip these items when having a service or avoid the cost altogether if you are not having a service at all.
  1. Transportation – When a funeral service is held there is often a need to transport the deceased  and guests from the funeral home to a place of worship, a grave site and back to the funeral home or reception location. This requires the use of cars, limousines and a coach in many cases which can add significant cost to the funeral.

When you choose to forgo these options, you will be choosing an Immediate Disposition. In the case of a cremation, the cost currently starts at $1350 and includes the following services:

  • Professional services, arrangement conference with one of our Licensed Funeral Directors to plan all service details
  • Assistance with all necessary documentation including but not limited to: CPP, Death Certificate
  • Creation and submission of obituary to newspaper (newspaper costs not included)
  • Placement of obituary on our website
  • Transfer of deceased

If you choose a Direct Burial, there will be additional costs such as a burial plot, headstone, grave opening fees and a grave liner may be required as well (depending on the cemetery chosen). Please contact us directly to discuss the requirements for a Direct Burial. 

Every family will have their own ideas about what they value when laying a loved one to rest. It is highly recommended to have a service of some type to help the family gather, support each other and start the grieving process. A service can be done in a very affordable and dignified manner to reduce the cost, or you may choose not to have a service and select Direct Disposition for the least expensive option possible. 

Please contact us to review your needs and plan end of life services that fit your desires and budget. 
*Did you know that preplanning and prepaying for your arrangements can reduce your funeral costs significantly? Ask us how.

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