What Religious Funeral Traditions does Country Hills Crematorium observe?


Almost every faith or religious practice in existence has rituals related to death and what happens after someone passes away. Country Hills Crematorium respectfully supports our clients in observing the traditions of their faith. We can provide the necessary facilities, work with your religious officiant and accommodate all types of funeral traditions and rites.


While we are happy to accommodate any funeral traditions or your own adaptations, that comply with current public health policies, here are the most common faith-based requests that we prepare services for:





We welcome those of the Buddhist faith to share their preferred rituals and offerings with their Funeral Director so they can be incorporated into the visitation, funeral service and disposition. We can also accommodate chanting rituals and requirements.




Our team at Country Hills Crematorium has participated in many Christian faith-based viewings, funerals and dispositions. We will work closely with your clergy members to plan the funeral and burial rites. We can also help to incorporate hymns, scripture, prayers and liturgy into the funeral service.




When public health protocols allow for it, Country Hills Crematorium has facilities to allow for Hindu bathing rituals where the family of the deceased is welcome to clean the body and dress it to your preferences. The family is also welcome to participate in the cremation if they desire.




As with many other faiths, we recognize the need to have your loved one appropriately bathed and dressed. We are happy to facilitate having your loved one prepared for you or to provide the facilities for your family to complete this ritual together when public health protocols allow for it.




When helping a Jewish family to prepare the deceased for burial, our Funeral Directors can accommodate a family’s desire to “guard” their loved one, bathe them (when allowed by public health orders) and we can also provide a shroud and plain wooden burial container. We are able to have your loved one prepared within 1-2 days for burial to observe the need to return them to the earth as soon as possible.




Our team has supported many Sikh families and communities with their funeral rituals including bathing, ceremonies and cremation. We are happy to provide services and facilities that meet your needs, provided public health protocols allow for it.



Our staff at Country Hills Crematorium & Funeral Services is experienced at creating a wide variety of faith-based funerals and providing support for the rites and rituals that are important to you and your family. We understand that there are many different observances and subgroups within every faith and will work with you to honour those that are unique to your needs. We can also help to find compromises within families who may have a variety of beliefs and traditions among them.


When someone you love has passed away, you can rely on us to support you through any religious and cultural ceremonies and rituals that are important to you. We will work with your family, members of your community and your officiants to prepare your loved one and honour them in the unique way that best suits your needs. Please call us any time at (403)274-0576 with any questions you may have.

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