Why You Should Choose Country Hills Crematorium For Funeral & Cremation Services

Countryhills Crematorium Services

There are many places you can turn to for cremation and funeral services in Calgary, but not all will offer the same experience. When you have recently lost a loved one, or you are choosing who to trust with your own funeral, it can be difficult to determine which funeral home will provide you with supportive service that will help you through the details with care and compassion. At Country Hills Crematorium, we strive to take care of your needs every step of the way. We believe there are several factors that set us apart from the other options available in our area.

  1. Our Exceptional Staff – Our entire team is passionate about helping you to prepare funeral services that suit your needs. Whether you are pre-planning or have experienced an unexpected passing, our knowledgeable team will be there to guide you through every step of the process.

    We have created checklists and tools, as well as information for commonly asked questions, to help make the process simpler and easier to follow when you are in distress. Our post funeral care includes an Executor’s kit to help you through all of the legal and financial documentation and steps required after a death has occured. When you need more support or personalized assistance, we are always here for you.

    If you look at our Google reviews, time and again our customers have felt taken care of and thoroughly supported when they needed it most. We will offer the same impeccable service and empathetic care to you and your family as well.

  2. Diversity of Service – Our clientele and staff come from a wide variety of different cultural and religious backgrounds which gives us diverse knowledge and experience to accommodate all funeral service needs. 

    Assistance is provided in a variety of languages including Punjab, Hindi and Urdu, ensuring you are comfortable and informed throughout the planning process.

    For our Sikh and Hindu services, our funeral chapel has been designed to allow for a short procession to the cremation chamber so your whole service and rituals can be observed in one place.

    We also offer a clean and comfortable space for ritual bathing ceremonies.

  3. Modern Facility – Country Hills Crematorium is a recently built, modern facility. It was designed to accommodate common requests from our past clients. Years of experience taught us what you need most and we created a facility to meet those needs.

    You’ll find our building to be bright and spacious, with well designed funeral chapels and all of the amenities you may need.

    As our name suggests, we are a crematorium and provide onsite cremation services. The cremation chamber and retort in our facility is much newer than most other facilities, so it is most efficient and provides a more environmentally friendly option for those who are conscious of their carbon footprint.

  4. Pricing – We have carefully priced our cremation and funeral packages to meet your needs without charging more than is required to fulfill them. There is a lot of time and work involved in arranging a funeral well. Our prices are reflective of the level of effort and experience that we put into ensuring you and your loved ones are well cared for, but never overpriced. 

    We offer package pricing with clear details on what is included and what is not. There are many services, such as keeping your loved one onsite until the funeral, that other funeral homes in Calgary will charge for, but we do not. Our goal is to help you respectfully and affordably say goodbye to your loved one without spending more than your budget allows for. We won’t encourage you to emotionally overspend, we guarantee it!

  5. Pre-Planning Options – One of the best ways to ensure you get exactly what you prefer for your final disposition, service and funeral reception is to pre-plan your arrangements with us. This allows you to lay out your preferences ahead of time so your family can just follow along with the help of our team. There is less stress put on them to make choices which also helps to avoid emotional overspending.

    If you choose to pre-pay for your arrangements, you can also lock in the prices in today’s costs which helps to avoid inflation rates and costs being required from the estate or other family members.

At Country HIlls Crematorium & Funeral Services, we aim to provide every family we work with unmatched service and support to make a difficult time less burdensome. Give us a call today at (403)274-0576 to learn more.

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