involved in a traditional burial

What Is Involved In A Traditional Burial?

When sharing more information about a particular element of the process of laying a loved one to rest, we are always careful to ensure that we communicate that though there is a “traditional” way of doing things, all that means is that it is common or what is often depicted in movies. Burial and cremation

Show Your Support For A Grieving Family

How Can You Show Your Support For A Grieving Family?

When a loved one has passed away, most families will need help and support of some kind. These are the times we lean on our friends and support network the most. Working through grief is about so much more than getting through the funeral and the first few weeks afterward. While many people know how

What To Expect At A Funeral

What To Expect At A Funeral

If you are attending a funeral service for the first time, it can be helpful to know ahead of time what to expect. Funerals deal with difficult emotions and it can create nervousness and anxiety for some people if they do not quite know what to expect or how to behave. In order to help

Funeral Etiquette

Funeral Etiquette

Funeral etiquette can be a challenging topic to advise on since there often are no hard and fast rules of exactly how to behave in every setting. Each family is different and funeral services are often molded around the personality and preferences of the deceased as well. Since each funeral is different, it’s hard to


Facts About Cremation

Though cremation is something we have all heard of, there is so much about it that many people do not know. As cremation continues to grow as the number one choice for those who have passed or are preplanning their final arrangements, we wanted to share some important facts with you. 1. You can still

Life celebration

Planning a Celebration of Life/Memorial Service

When you are planning a celebration of life, it can help to remember that the term is often associated with a celebratory atmosphere. A celebration of life is often referred to as a “party with a purpose”. The location you choose for a celebration of life can be a funeral home reception space, a place

Can I Still Have a Funeral Reception if I Get Cremated

Can I Still Have a Funeral Reception if I Get Cremated?

It is a very common misconception that choosing to be cremated, or if a loved one is cremated, you cannot have a funeral service and reception. But the answer is yes, you most definitely can, and should, plan to have a service and gathering after a cremation. At Country Hills Crematorium, we do offer a

What Happens if You Choose to be Cremated?

When you pass away, or a loved one has passed, you will need to choose whether to bury or cremate the body. If you choose cremation this doesn’t not determine whether you can have a funeral service or even if the remains are then buried afterwards. Cremation is simply the process of making the body

Is Cremation Enivronmentally Friendly

Is Cremation Environmentally Friendly?

Over the past few years, cremations have surpassed burials as the most popular end-of-life disposition. As a complement to this shift, many options have been springing up touting creative things you can do with a loved one’s cremated remains, such as pressing them into a vinyl record, adding them to a marine reef or having

What To Expect at Sikh and Hindu Funerals

What To Expect at Sikh and Hindu Funerals

Calgary has a widely diverse cultural identity and the past several years have found many people from differing faiths joining each other’s social circles. While this allows for a lot of wonderful learning opportunities and the ability to share in each other’s cultural rites and celebrations, it can also come with some anxiety around the