Cremation or Burial_ Which Is Best For You

Cremation or Burial: Which Is Best For You?

Some people are very sure of the type of final disposition they want when the time comes. This is often due to personal values, family preferences or religious practices. It can also be determined by your budget and willingness to invest money into what happens with your body after you pass away.   But for


Who Has The Right To Make Funeral Decisions For You?

If you pass away without making your own funeral arrangements, someone will be required to make these decisions for you. If you have not designated a person (executor) to make these decisions, the responsibility will land with your closest living relative, often referred to as your next of kin.   Next of kin is determined

Creative Options For Cremated Remains

Creative Options For Cremated Remains

With over 75% of Canadians now choosing cremation for their final disposition, and this number expected to increase in the years to come, a whole variety of new, creative options for how to manage cremated remains have emerged. Your loved one’s cremated remains can still be scattered or buried, but many people are also opting

Why More People Than Ever Are Choosing Cremation

Why More People Than Ever Are Choosing Cremation

When choosing what will happen to them after they pass, it has become quite common for people to choose cremation, which is a significant shift from the past. It has been estimated that over 75% of Canadians will choose cremation for their final disposition. While there has been much speculation as to why cremation has


What Religious Funeral Traditions does Country Hills Crematorium observe?

Almost every faith or religious practice in existence has rituals related to death and what happens after someone passes away. Country Hills Crematorium respectfully supports our clients in observing the traditions of their faith. We can provide the necessary facilities, work with your religious officiant and accommodate all types of funeral traditions and rites.  

How To Write An Obituary

How To Write An Obituary

An obituary is a personal record of a person’s life. It will typically communicate the most important details of a person’s life including their birth, life, death and how they are being honoured after they have passed. The family usually publishes an obituary as an opportunity to share the news of a death in the

Choosing the Right Funeral Home

Choosing the Right Funeral Home

Whether you are pre-planning a funeral or a death has just occurred, you will need to find the right funeral home for your needs.   When pre-planning, all of the steps we have suggested below will likely be necessary. Take your time and move through them at your own pace to ensure you are making


How to Plan a Funeral Reception

It is said that the most important part of any funeral is the reception. The reception is the first social event following a funeral where the deceased is not present and represents a new, often difficult reality. It is customary (but not required) to hold a reception following a funeral or memorial service. This gathering

Funeral Cost

How Much Does a Funeral Cost? Checklist and Pricing

Funeral services help to bring comfort to those who have lost a loved one and to honour the life that has been lost. A funeral is an important part of moving through the grieving process for families, allowing them to come together to give and receive support, and to experience a sense of community through

Will My Life Insurance Cover The Cost Of Cremation And A Funeral?

When considering how things will be handled at the end of your life, most people are concerned about the cost of burial or cremation and their funeral. It is ideal to know ahead of time that your family will not have to worry about covering the costs while they are celebrating your life and grieving

Pre-Planning a Funeral – Why You Should and What You Need to Know

Pre-planning your funeral is an important way to support your family in the time following your passing. By having your wishes pre-planned, all of the guesswork is removed and your family can focus on honouring your life. Pre-planning also gives a realistic estimate of the costs of your burial, cremation and funeral or celebration of

How To Plan A Funeral

Funerals help us to acknowledge that someone we love has died, to say goodbye and to offer continuity and hope for the living. Funerals also provide a support system for us and allow us to reflect on the meaning of life and death. Funerals allow the living to say goodbye and the dead to be